Backup services

EHW tech support a variety of different backups depending on our clients budget. These solutions differ in the following ways.

Hard drive backup (storage craft):

  • Uses external hard drives to image your entire system (operating system, applications and data) into one file.
  • Used for quick and reliable data recovery.
  • Holds roughly 1 month of backups.

Tape backups:

  • Uses tapes to backup select data onto the tape (files only)
  • Provides a catalogue of data, good for keeping data for long periods of time.
  • Uses a grandfather, father, son backup scheme
  • Hold data for 5 – 10 years (yearly tapes)

Offsite backups

  • Data is backed up into the cloud
  • Unlimited storage
  • Data can be recovered at any time as long as you have internet access

Storage craft (Hard Drive Backups)
Avoiding business disruption following a server failure is one of the biggest business continuity challenges companies face. The legendary reliability of StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Server provides fast and reliable backup, disaster recovery, enterprise level data protection, and managed system migration to get servers online as quickly as possible after a disaster.

  • Protect your entire server—including the operating system, applications, platforms, integrated services and your data.
  • You have the ability to quickly and easily restore to an available point-in-time after disaster strikes.
  • Use local or cloud-based backup images to perform complete bare metal recovery of servers to the same system to new hardware or to and from virtual environments

Backup Exec (Tape Backups)
Backup and Recovery, an essential component of any data protection strategy, protects your organization’s critical data and systems against data loss and disasters. Backing up your organization’s critical data ensures that your business is always up and running, no matter what. New backup and recovery technology includes virtual machine protection, data deduplication, bare metal recovery, replication, and archiving.

Offsite Backup
With offsite backup you can copy data to your data store as often as you like – and retrieve it when you want it. Also, because our service is web-based, you can retrieve the data to any computer at any time. This means that if your server fails, is stolen or destroyed, you can get data back immediately to get your business back on track – no down time waiting for a compatible tape drive and software.

As the system is a fully self-managed backup for your data over the internet – you back up your data as often as you want and keep it for as long as you wish.

Your valuable business data can be copied securely over the internet to our backup servers located in two separate data centres to ensure maximum protection for your data.

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